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4* Waldorf Astoria MTE 5/11 - 5/12 $155  (topic)
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05/07/12 2:25 AM
4* Sheraton Brooklyn 10/21/11 $155  (topic)
By following the tips in this thread:  http://biddingfortravel.y.../116338/master/1/?page=1 it seems like $145/$155 is the Sheraton Brooklyn's contracted rate for their Priceline rooms. (And yes, I used the spaces on this site.)...
New York State - New York City


10/24/11 2:04 AM
2.5* Holiday Inn Express Downtown - Brooklyn 5/24-5/27 $55  (topic)
Didn't have too much historical data to guide me, so I did a hail mary with $55 and won it on the first attempt. Holiday Inn website quoted at $188/night. A/B as usual.
New York State - New York City


05/21/09 2:32 AM
Brooklyn-Long Island City  (topic)
I have been trying to find information on the Brooklyn or Long Island City zones, but the most I can find is that people use it as a free re-bid zone. Has anyone actually stayed there? What hotels are in those zones (2.5*)? How much...
New York State - New York City


07/14/08 11:49 PM